Hello and welcome to The Sheryl Thompson.com!

DSC03077 Larger fileSheryl Thompson is a Vancouver, British Columbia-based Actor and Voice Performer.  She relocated from Calgary, Alberta to Vancouver in April 2006.

A graduate of the University of Calgary, Ms. Thompson achieved her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drama and has been involved in various theatre, film and television projects in Calgary and Vancouver.  For details on projects she has completed, please visit Demos and Projects.

Recent Project Highlights:

March 2012

Chasing Home, presented by Screaming Weenie and All the World's A Stage.  Chasing Home  is a creation piece that explores the theme of 'home' from the viewpoint of cultural outsiders, immigrants, refugees and others who have been forced to flee and create a new life for themselves in Vancouver.  The cast includes Christopher Casillan, Evelyn Chew, Ryan Swanson, Damian Rumph and Sheryl Thompson as Gabrielle.  Read more about the production in Xtra! and The Province.

July 2010

Twelve Angry Men, presented by Hardline Productions.  Ms. Thompson played the "Foreigner" or Juror #11 in this emotionally-charged production.  TAM was voted as #7 top theatre show in Vancouver on www.gayvancouver.net for "Best Use of a Small Theatre Space".  See the full article at: http://www.gayvancouver.net/theatre-2011/the-best-of-vancouver-theatre-in-2010

July 2009

Things We Said Today, a collection of one act plays and monologues, written by playwright Neil LaBute, at the Beaumont Theatre in Vancouver. 

April 2009

The C-Word - Written by local playwright Grace Chin, The C-Word follows the lives of two couples in very different types of "committed" relationships.  Ms. Thompson played the role of Ashley Hennessey.

April 2008

Ontario Ministry of Energy - This series of commercials stars David Suzuki and of course, Sheryl as a blip in one commercial as an "Office Worker" laying out brochures for a meeting. 

Gene Simmons Family Jewels - Sheryl, her family, and her friend's family met Gene and Shannon at a house in Whistler after a booking mix-up.  A rousing game of Pictionary, a BBQ and an Italian-style sing along were enjoyed by all. 

March 2008

Poor Super Man by Brad Fraser, performed at The Waterfront Theatre from March 1st, 2008 to March 16th, 2008 in repertory with Michel Tremblay's Hosanna as part of the Queerly Canadian Theatre series.This production of PSM was produced by Saving Metropolis Co-Op, of which Ms. Thompson was a co-founder.  In this production, Ms. Thompson played the role of HIV-positive transsexual Shannon. 

August 2007

Very Bad Men II for the Mystery Channel

Very Bad Men is a television show for The Mystery Channel that creates re-enactments of crimes committed by "very bad men". Sheryl portrayed US college student Shannon who was the victim of a brutal rape and murder by a serial rapist.